Committee Reports

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is charged with administering the process of electing individuals for membership in the College, and does so by receiving nominations for fellowship from other Fellows of the College, and reviewing the applications of nominated individuals for compliance with the relevant membership criteria. The Committee makes recommendations to the Trustees with respect to each application, and the Trustees are then tasked with acting on applications for fellowship.

The Membership Committee continues to actively explore avenues to reach out to potential new members, with a goal of maintaining and deepening the vibrancy and diversity of the College, and also encourages Fellows retiring from practice to continue to participate with and contribute to the College as Emeritus members. The Committee's tasks are continually supported by our existing Fellows, many of whom actively promote membership in the College to their colleagues and other professional acquaintances. Inquiries concerning Fellowship in the College may be directed to any member of the Committee.

Education Committee

The Education Committee assists the Annual Meeting and Spring Forum co-chairs in planning, coordinating, developing and implementing the panels, presentations and similar educational programs to be presented and discussed at each of the College’s semiannual conferences.  

In addition, the Committee is responsible for identifying topics of current interest to be presented and discussed at educational events attended by Fellows of the College and invited guests.  We hope you all learned a lot from the CLE's presented earlier this year:  “Recent Battles over Redemption Premiums and Covenant Enforcement for Bonds” (held on March 8, featuring Adam Cohen of Covenant Review, Renee Dailey of Morgan Lewis and Dora Jimenez of New York Life); and “Calculation of Swap Breakage” (held on June 7, featuring Ozzie Bayazitoglu of AIG and Armando Gamboa of Prudential).  Heartfelt thanks go out to Morgan Lewis and Akin Gump, respectively, for hosting these terrific programs.

The Education Committee is currently wrapping up its preparations for the 2017 Annual Meeting in New York, and reminds all Fellows to please mark their calendars for October 19 and 20!  For the remainder of the year, they will be focusing our attention on plans for the 2018 Spring Forum, which are already off to a strong start.  The Committee is also organizing a 1-hour CLE event in early December, which will explore several hot topics in the emerging world of Litigation Finance. 

 As always, the Education Committee encourages Fellows to submit ideas for panels and CLE topics to co-chairs Ann King, Richard Wasserman and James Roberts.  Help keep our membership on the cutting edge of institutional investing!

 Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for communications among the College’s members and for communications between the College and the investment community at large. The Committee’s responsibility includes the publication of the College’s monthly newsletter, Private Notes. 

 The current co-chairs of the Communications Committee are Stefanie Greer (Prudential Financial, Inc.) and Luke Weedon (Baker Botts L.L.P.), and the current co-editors of the College’s monthly newsletter are Danielle Maksimow (Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP) and Josephine Vashi (AIG Investments).  If any Fellow of the College is interested in joining the Communications Committee, please reach out to either of the co-chairs of the Committee.

 Transaction Process Management Committee

The Transaction Process Management Committee (TPMC) is responsible for the continued development of the Model Form Note Purchase Agreements.  Over the last few years the TPMC has updated both the domestic and cross-border Model Form Note Purchase Agreements.   The TPMC is in the process of finalizing the updated Model Form Make-Whole and Swap Indemnity Language for Swapped Notes, which we expect to have ready for ACIC member review in the first half of 2017.   There are other projects that the TPMC expects to take on later in 2017 including (a) standardizing the swap indemnity letter (covering the period between circle and funding) with respect to protecting investors that commit to purchase swapped notes and (b) providing for a maintenance of rating covenant (pertaining to private letter ratings) incorporating the necessary requirements of the TPMC in order for a private placement issuance to qualify for Filing Exempt with the SVO.

 Website and Social Media Committee

The Website and Social Media Committee (WSMC) is responsible for the oversight and promotion of the College’s website and LinkedIn account. The WSMC is co-chaired by Michael Fierro and Nicole Rives.  Our latest focus has been to ensure that the College’s website and LinkedIn account are accessible by all members and to try and provide both prospective and existing members as user-friendly an experience as possible (for example, by allowing for on-line applications for membership through the website).  Feel free to contact Mike or Nicole at or with any suggestions or comments you may have regarding the website and LinkedIn user experience.